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Mason Durst 

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to check out my webpage. I have been performing music in the Sacramento area since 2018 as a lead singer/keyboard player for Band of Coyotes. During those years our group had won, "Best New Artist 2019" and "Best Rock Band 2020" from SNR; as well as performed for a King's Halftime Show! With over 200+ shows played in the last few years, I've gained the knowledge to commit to performing music full time.

I've always been a huge lover of live music, and have been writing and performing songs for over a decade at this point! I play acoustic guitar, keyboard, while singing covers from (The Beatles, Elton John, Neil Diamond, CCR, Sublime, Incubus and more) plus originals (songs from Band of Coyotes catalog).

With years of experience playing live I know how to adjust my musical style to fit a range of settings. If you prefer calm piano music for your winery or perhaps some rowdy acoustic songs for your brewery, I can accommodate both!

Thank you for your consideration!

Email -
Cell - (469) 863-0295 


"Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond (Auburn)

"Benny and the Jetts" - Elton John (Sacramento)

"Hypnotized" Original (Torch Club)

"Movin' Along" Original (Sacramento)

"Folsom Prison Blues" - Johnny Cash (Auburn)

Jamming Duo

Contact Info

Mason Durst
Email -
Cell - (469) 863-0295 

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